sales leads
  • Client

    Park Place 3

  • Type of activities

    The sale of premium class apartments via online and offline media

  • Market


  • About the client.

    Park Place 3 is a premium class apartment building located in the prestigious Śródmieście district of Warsaw and built by the developer Metropolitan Partners.

  • Marketing goals.

    • The sale of premium class apartments within a 13-month time period.
  • Our approach.

    Due to the nature and location of the investment, we felt it was important to connect its visual identity closely with nature, while also highlighting its modern and exclusive feel. We therefore settled on a very simple design and muted colour scheme, taking inspiration from luxury brand marketing when creating the strategy.

    For the name, we combined two words which perfectly reflected the character of the area. “Park” denotes a place where you can relax, a garden, freedom, a place for meetings with an urban vibe and also a space designed for relaxation, while “Place” is a particular space, an apartment or property. The number 3, on the other hand, comes from the street address where the building is located, which was important as it meant that the name of the investment project also referred to its address (ul. Wałowa 3).

    The initial visual branding for Park Place 3 used two key elements – an emblem and a logo. The emblem was a synthetic and geometric representation of a leaf, which at the same time looked like an isometric drawing of a structure. The primary meaning of the leaf referred to the natural space surrounding the investment, while the isometric view represented the building’s architecture.

    One of the biggest technical and conceptual challenges we faced was designing a website that would enable visitors to feel the exceptional atmosphere of the investment. To emphasise the project’s feeling of intimacy and exclusivity, we limited access to the website for the first few months to just a small group of people who were given the necessary password at closed events which were attended by invitation only. Park Place 3 was the first investment of its type in Poland to utilise this solution in its brand positioning strategy.

The client’s opinion
  • We needed a reliable partner with whom we could collaborate on this project, someone who would not only understand, but truly feel, the specific nature of the investment. KERRIS did just that. The agency’s commitment to our online marketing activities helped us achieve commendable sales results. I can recommend KERRIS as a trustworthy, reliable and professional partner.

    Selected activity channels.

    Google Ads: text ads in search engines, banner ads, remarketing display.
    Website positioning (SEO – search engine optimisation).
    Facebook Ads: website promotion (Page post links – images), remarketing.
    Others: OOH.

    Project in figures.

    Number of apartments for sale – 36 apartments and 2 service properties:all sold
    Number of sales leads:712
    Project duration:10 months
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        • KERRIS has been providing us with a wide range of digital media services (PPC + SEO + digital training). In 2018, their actions resulted in a 120.67% increase in the number of students at the Vistula University in comparison to the previous year when we worked with another agency. Since they delivered the results they promised, we plan to continue working with KERRIS for our digital marketing needs in the future.

        • The programmatic campaign that we carried out together with KERRIS surpassed all our expectations, achieving 1108.98% of ad impressions and 248.82% of ad clicks in relation to our goals. We are currently cooperating on a long-term basis over an even broader scope of activities.

        • KERRIS fully meets all our digital marketing needs and also provides support in other areas, such as GDPR. During our long-term cooperation with the agency, our sales department has benefited from the generation of high-quality leads. We know that we can trust them with anything. If we were to look for a digital marketing partner again, we’d call KERRIS first. It’s the type of agency we needed.