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  • Client


  • Type of activities

    Sales-advertising campaign

  • Market


  • About the client.

    Bajaj is a leader in the global tricycle market, and the third largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

  • Marketing goals.

    • To build awareness among potential customers of the Bajaj brand, which was new on the Polish market, and in particular the Dominar 400 motorcycle.
    • To familiarise potential customers with the motorbike (through test rides). 
    • To emphasise the characteristics of the motorbike which make it stand out from its competitors.
    • To support dealership sales.
  • Our approach.

    The number of new motorcycles registered annually in Poland is not high – in 2017, it was only 44,669, with the vast majority having smaller engines than 400 cc. People buying 400 cc motorbikes or bigger generally tend to go for used bikes, while people buying new motorbikes on the whole prefer such popular and well-known brands as Yamaha or Honda. Faced with this situation, encouraging consumers to buy 400 cc Bajaj motorbikes, which were brand new on the Polish market at that time, was a big challenge. However, we knew that with such a high-quality product, all we needed to do was reach the customer and then the bike would sell itself. We had at our disposal the company’s global advertising materials and strategy, which we adapted to the local market’s needs, but we were also given complete freedom in creating the media plan. We decided to focus on getting across the main attribute of the Dominar 400 motorbike – namely, its excellent value for money. In terms of price, it costs around the same as a used motorbike with a similar-sized engine, but its additional features included ABS, an anti-hopping clutch and warranty. Since a 400 cc engine is not considered as particularly big in Poland, we identified the target group as being first-time motorbike buyers and also people who previously owned a smaller motorbike and wanted to upgrade. To show the price-quality relationship, we invited a number of bloggers to work with us, such as CODA, who were provided with one of the bikes for a test ride and then asked to write about their impressions of them. It was also important for us that consumers could see the quality of the Dominar 400 for themselves, so, in conjunction with the client, we made it possible for people to have a test ride, which they could register for via a specially designed website. We publicised the new model and these test rides on all the main motorcycling websites in order to increase brand awareness, and we also used auction and price comparison websites to encourage consumers to buy a new Dominar 400 instead of a used motorbike.

    As a result of the excellent results we achieved, the client has since entrusted us with further promotional activities for other motorcycles in their portfolio.

  • We worked together with KERRIS to create a high-reach, integrated campaign combining both digital and offline media.      Thanks to the agency’s activities, we managed to achieve online results which were more than two times higher than predicted. This success resulted in us undertaking long-term cooperation with KERRIS.

    Selected activity channels.

    Google Ads: text ads in search engines, remarketing (RLSA – Remarketing Lists for Search Ads).
    Facebook Ads: post promotion, website promotion (Page post links – images, carousels, video), remarketing.
    Display & Video 360 (programmatic): banner ads, video, audio.
    Other: marketing automation.

    Project in figures.

    KPITargetResults% of target achieved
    Ad impressions32 606 7135 701 353109,56%
    1 284 osoby zapisane na jazdy testowe w ciągu dwóch tygodni
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      • KERRIS has been providing us with a wide range of digital media services (PPC + SEO + digital training). In 2018, their actions resulted in a 120.67% increase in the number of students at the Vistula University in comparison to the previous year when we worked with another agency. Since they delivered the results they promised, we plan to continue working with KERRIS for our digital marketing needs in the future.