Ad impressions
  • Client

    Levi’s (joint project with Aliganza)

  • Type of activities

    digital marketing campaign

  • Market


  • About the client.

    Our client, Levi’s, was the strategic partner for Informal Sounds 2015, a unique initiative designed to showcase new trends on the Polish music scene. The project involved a number of Polish music icons, such as CurlyHeads, Tymon Tymański, Mela Koteluk, Natalia Przybysz, Kasia Stankiewicz, Paulina Przybysz with her Rita Pax project, and TerrificSunday, creating new arrangements of their songs and wearing Levi’s jackets and shirts which they had personalised in their own unique way to highlight their individual personal style. A series of simple, authentic-looking video clips was then made, focusing on their natural vocal talent and use of classic instruments, which were subsequently posted on YouTube.

  • Marketing goals.

    To have as many unique viewers as possible watch the various video clips in full (each clip lasted about 4 minutes and contained product placement).

  • Our approach.

    We decided to promote the project using two main channels. First of all, we created a landing page for Informal Sounds to connect with potential customers and inform them about the brand. It featured video clips and information

    about the project, and also unobtrusively displayed Levi’s products. Creating this website enabled us to conduct remarketing activities targeted towards visitors to the site.

    The second channel we used was YouTube, and here we promoted the clips with ads aimed at specific target groups, such as fans of the artists themselves or listeners to radio stations which typically played their music (such as Chilli Zet or Rock Radio). We kept this group constantly updated by adding people with similar interests to those who had watched the videos in full.

      Selected activity channels.

      YouTube Ads: video ads, banner ads.

      Project in figures.

      Ad impressions:37,864,980
      Video views:400,530
      Interaction ratio (% of people who saw the ad and acted on it):1.06%
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