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  • Client

    ZT Kruszwica

  • Type of activities

    Creating and developing a content website aimed at the HoReCa sector

  • Market


  • About the client.

    ZT Kruszwica is a processor of oil seeds and a manufacturer of vegetable oils. It is the biggest company of its type in Poland and one of the biggest in Central Europe.

  • Marketing goals.

    • To present the products to the target group (HoReCa) through digital channels.
    • To generate sales leads.
    • To build the image of the Kruszwica brand as an expert in frying fats.
    • To increase Kruszwica’s brand recognition.
    • To educate the market about the impact of fats on the end result.
  • Our approach.

    Kruszwica was the undisputed leader in terms of quality for oils and frying fats, although their prices were only 10% higher than the alternatives on the market. At the same time, the manufacturer, in contrast to the competition, had been very active in terms of communication but this had not had much of an impact on its market position or the strength of the brand. Our priority, therefore, was to clarify the situation so that we could change it and achieve the client’s marketing goals.

    The market diagnostics we conducted revealed that:

      • there was significant price pressure,
      • 60% of catering establishments do not receive annual revenue of more than PLN 100,000,
      • only 3% of the food budget (25 product categories) is allocated to the category of frying fats,
      • most owners and chefs believe that oil is just oil, and frying fat is just frying fat (with no great influence on the final effect), and they are driven mostly by minimising food costs,
      • the vast majority of purchasing decision-makers view themselves as experts and do not see any influence of the quality of the oils and frying fats they use on the success of their business.

    Kruszwica, in turn, offered and communicated premium quality. We did not want to stop communicating this attribute but we knew that we needed to explain to the target group why it was an advantage. We therefore chose to create the content website Smazymy.com (literally: Wefry.com), aimed at the HoReCa sector, which would educate, support and engage readers.

    As a result, Kruszwica was able to assume the position of expert in the field, supporting owners and chefs with its know-how regarding two of the most important success factors:

    • food cost optimisation (price vs efficiency of products),
    • effect optimisation (educating them about the important impact of fats on the end result).

    Smazymy.com website became the Polish centre of knowledge for owners and chefs (with the highest number of views of all food service websites).

    In the short-term, we increased sales by strongly emphasising the efficiency arguments, which strongly “supported higher prices”. In the long-term, we generated growth through expert education on the impact of fats on the end result. Decision-makers who wanted their food to taste as good as possible – leading therefore to bigger sales – became “less sensitive” to the higher prices of products.

    In this way, we concentrated the budget on activities and arguments that had the biggest impact on business results.


The client’s opinion
  • KERRIS interactive agency was responsible for creating and developing the Smazymy.com food portal, which not only became a highly respected source of knowledge within the industry but also opened the way for us to obtain B2B leads, leading to an increase in sales of our products. Smazymy.com is an example of a content marketing project which both educates, supports and engages readers. As a result, it translates into financial profit by expanding the customer base. We value our cooperation with the KERRIS team for their commitment, professionalism and open approach to facing new challenges. As we appreciate Kerri’s partnership, we decided to extend the contract on a permanent basis.

    Selected activity channels.

    Social Media: Facebook – maintaining the social media profile, YouTube – creating content and maintaining the profile.
    Other: media partnerships with cooking websites, contests.

    Project in figures.

    Number of website views396,404
    Number of TOP 10 keywords742
    Building the Facebook fan page8,325 fans
    Generating reach on Social Media\tApproximately100,000 unique users per month\n
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