conversion (getting to know new products or contacting a sales representative to answer a question)
  • Client


  • Type of activities

    Ongoing digital advertising activities

  • Market

    Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania

  • About the client.

    Honeywell Home is one of the main home technology solutions providers, e.g.: doorbells and thermostats, as well as carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

  • Marketing goals.

    • Increasing brand awareness and products in the target group
    • sales support (lead generation)
  • Our approach.

    We started cooperating with the client on the campaign “Czadowe Domy” (pun meaning: Great/Carbon-Monoxide-Aware Houses). It accomplished very good results, so Honeywell decided to entrust us with year-round digital activities aimed at increasing the brand and product awareness, as well supporting sales.

    We based the structure of our activities on the seasonality of products and the online behaviour of the target group. Our analysis revealed that the products offered by Honeywell Home were mostly sought after by people carrying out renovations, constructing a house or finishing an apartment, despite the fact that the solutions can be installed at any time. However, when it comes to carbon monoxide and smoke detectors – the clients were mostly people coming into contact with materials informing about dangerous situations related to these substances, e.g. poisonings.

    Therefore, we showed display advertisements with the brand logo and the selected products on websites related to construction and renovations. When it came to text advertisements, we divided them into two types. The first was displayed in search engines, whenever a consumer was looking for a specific product, e.g. a door phone or a smoke detector. The advertisements were showing a given solution and redirected to the Honeywell Home website, where it could be found. The other type were contextual advertisements, which were displayed whenever a user was looking for information regarding such things as carbon monoxide, house fires, house renovations, etc. They redirected to the brand website with products related to the searched phrases.

    In cooperation with the client, we also developed an online calculator allowing consumers to choose the thermostats most suitable for their houses from the Honeywell Home offer. It also showed the amount they could save thanks to this device helped the customers when they were talking to the providers of equipment installation services. We used the configuration tool in text advertisements and in remarketing activities – we used information about the people who used the solution to create a target “look-alike” group for advertising activities on Facebook.

      Selected activity channels.

      Google Ads: text advertisements in search engines, advertising banners, display remarketing.

      Project in figures.

      Displayed advertisements in the target group:17 222 128
      Visits to the campaign website:76 967 people
      Conversion (getting to know the new products or contacting a sales representative to answer a question)8 832 people
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        • The programmatic campaign that we carried out together with KERRIS surpassed all our expectations, achieving 1108.98% of ad impressions and 248.82% of ad clicks in relation to our goals. We are currently cooperating on a long-term basis over an even broader scope of activities.

        • KERRIS fully meets all our digital marketing needs and also provides support in other areas, such as GDPR. During our long-term cooperation with the agency, our sales department has benefited from the generation of high-quality leads. We know that we can trust them with anything. If we were to look for a digital marketing partner again, we’d call KERRIS first. It’s the type of agency we needed.